9 Tips To Safeguard Your Health During The Silly Season

9 Tips To Safeguard Your Health During The Silly Season

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drunk xmas dogThe silly season is often a time for overindulgence, endless alcoholic drinks as well as snacking on processed, fried or sugary party foods. Here are some tips to help safe guard your health, prevent weight gain, protect immune function and still enjoy the holiday season.

1. Stay hydrated – Drink at least 1 litre of water per 25 kilos of body weight. This will keep your body and metabolism functioning at an optimal level, hydrate your organs, aid the feeling of satiety, and help prevent over snacking.

2. Get enough sleep – Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep to protect your immune system, reduce your cortisol levels (high cortisol levels lead to weight gain and stresses the body) and stress levels.

3. Eat enough vegetables – Load at least 1/2 your plate with green vegetables to ensure you eat less refined carbohydrates.  This will help you feel fuller, ensure you eat enough healthy foods and prevent you from snacking without keeping track.

4. Avoid too much alcohol – Alcohol is packed with calories; increases your urges to snack on fried foods and refined carbohydrates; and stresses the immune function.  Dilute your drinks with ice; drink a glass of water before every glass of alcohol; and try drinking herbal iced tea, coconut water (rich in electrolytes) or water infusions.

5. Keep moving – Include exercise or movement as a daily fun activity by taking the dog for a walk, go for a bike ride or family walk or dance or swim, join the kids in physical activities or walk to the shops instead of driving.

6. Eat protein rich foods for breakfast – Start the day with a protein rich breakfast of eggs; or vegetable and nut smoothie; or almond meal pancakes, etc. This will keep your fuller for longer and prevent  you from over snacking.

7. Don’t skip meals- Individuals who tend to skip meals tend to over snack on unhealthy items or binge eat. This can put pressure on your digestive system and slows your metabolism.

8. Avoid Party Foods – Eat a full healthy meal before going to a party. This will help you from drinking too much or snacking on unhealthy nutrient deficient party foods.

9. Have some pre-made healthy desserts, meals and snacks on hand. Pre-planning for the festive season with some healthy options will take the pressure off and allow you to celebrate without feeling deprived.  You won’t have any room or desire to snack on unhealthy options. See recipes in http://naturalhealinghabits.com.au/nourishing-recipes/

Enjoy yourself and treat your body well.


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