13 Habits To Achieve & Maintain Your Ideal Weight

13 Habits To Achieve & Maintain Your Ideal Weight

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Do You Battle to Maintain Your Ideal Weight?

Do You Battle to Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Ever wondered why most people who try to lose weight tend to be on a never ending cycle of  “yo-yo” diets?  In fact most dieters end up putting on more weight month after the diet than when they initially commenced.  So what’s the trick to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight? 

Here are some healthy habits to follow:

1. The healthy eating plan you follow is not for a short period but is a lifestyle change. Your eating habits should be nutritious, plentiful and enjoyable. It should be accepted as healthy plan to eat as opposed to a short period of eating well/ “dieting” and then going back to poor eating habits.

2. Fill your plate up mostly with vegetables (especially green vegetables). This allows you to get full on nutritious foods and leaves less room for starchy or refined carbohydrates.

3. Plan your meals for the week. Meal planning allows you to have conscious eating habits and not just eat on the run or grab what is convenient and often unhealthy.

4. Eat mostly at home by cooking your own meals. This allows you to know exactly what you are eating and helps you avoid preservatives, additives, sugar and bad fats.

5. Don’t over eat.  Eat until you are 80% full and give yourself time to digest. When you eat this way, you will feel satisfied within 20 minutes after the meal and your body is able to efficiently digest your meal.

6. Understand what foods work for you. We all digest and utilise foods differently. As the saying goes, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. Find out what foods work best for you and what food intolerances you may have.

7. Don’t starve yourself or miss meals. When you miss meals your metabolism slows down because your body thinks it’s starving and you then tend to indulge in less healthy foods or overeat later.

8. Make time to eat. Sit down, smell your food, be present with while eating, eat slowly and chew thoroughly. This gets  your body ready to digest and utilise your food by allowing it ample time to produce digestive enzymes, breakdown your food, give you signals it is getting full; as well as allowing it to function in a stress free and efficient manner.

9. Make sure you get enough sleep and are not too stressed. When you are lacking in sleep or stressed, your body produces the hormone cortisol which holds onto fat and helps you put on weight.

10. Drink plenty of water. Drink at least 1 litre of water per 25 kilograms of body weight. This will kick start your metabolism and hydrate your organs so they function efficiently. Many people also mistake symptoms of dehydration as hunger or cravings. So try a glass of water before you eat.

11. Be patient and committed. Healthy and sustainable weight loss takes time and is not overnight.

12.  Be mindful of what you put in your mouth and feed your body. Don’t just eat because it is there or you feel like it. Food should be nutritious or it is not fit for consumption.

13. Exercise regularly. Include movement in your daily activities and make it fun so that it is sustainable and not a chore. 

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